“The RIGHT unit, installed the RIGHT way, for the RIGHT reasons”.

We assure our clients that every PACS system will be installed properly and according to the strictest electrical codes.




Power Factor: PACS is able to actively reduce electric bill power factor penalties. This means any additional charges being paid to the utility company for having a power factor of below 0.95 can be reduced significantly after the installation of PACS.

Line Losses: PACS reduces line losses by allowing lines and transformers to carry more load while helping to reduce voltage drop. This reduced voltage drop can equate to between a 1%-3% savings. In addition, lines, which are able to carry higher loads, allow more equipment to run simultaneously on one panel, before expanding the electrical panel is necessary. This can lead to additional cost savings by allowing more equipment to run on existing panels.

Motor Life: PACS is able to reduce motor current and therefore reduce motor temperature. Since heat is the main cause of failure or shortened service life of a motor, if heat output can be reduced, motors could run for a longer period before replacement is needed.

Peak Demand Charges: Peak demand occurs at times when many motors or other powered equipment are running simultaneously. PACS is able to help reduce line current at all times during motor operation, helping to reduce the peak current and associated peak demand charges.

Harmonics: Harmonics are electric power waveforms with frequencies above 60Hz. Any frequency higher than 60Hz only produces additional heat in the AC motor. When power factor is below 0.95, frequencies are present in these motors above 60Hz. PACS helps reduce these frequencies and increases efficiency by reducing this "no work energy", which usually creates heat.

Carbon Footprint: Increasing AC motor efficiency & lifespan, and reducing associated "inefficiency penalties" will reduce your business' overall carbon footprint.


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